101-year-old ‘elated’ by support after losing wife to COVID-19


A 101-year-old D-Day vet in the UK was devastated when he recently lost his wife of 70 years to the coronavirus – crying during a TV interview that spurred people to shower him with over 7,000 Christmas cards, according to a report.

“It’s being lonely. I mean sometimes I’m in my room and the only time I see anyone is when they bring my meals,” John Lister told ITV News Anglia from his nursing home in Griston as he tearfully shared his grief at losing Ella.

The heartbreaking video by the combat-hardened centenarian led to an outpouring of support by thousands who sent him cards, messages and presents, the news outlet reported.

Lister said he was “elated” by the response as he waded through a mountain of cards, including many from fellow military veterans touched by his story.

One well-wisher pledged to create a memorial bench for Ella — and Lister’s beloved Norwich City soccer team is sending him a present bearing the club’s canary mascot.

“It’s absolutely magical,” said Marcia Hughes, who works at Thorp House, where Lister lives.

“It’s heartwarming for us. It’s been lovely to see him lifted. It’s reminded us and it’s reminded him that there’s kindness in the world. It’s not just negativity,” she told ITV.

Lister, who still has nightmares about Nazi bombs and storming the beaches of Normandy in 1944, issued one minor issue about his deliveries.

“They keep sending sweets and I don’t eat sweets,” he said, adding that his favorite treat is a nice chutney.

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