13-foot cannibal crocodile eats unlucky smaller beast


A 13-foot-long Nile crocodile made mincemeat out of a much smaller cousin in South Africa, wild new images show.

Shutterbug Jan Butter of Amsterdam witnessed the snack attack inside Kruger National Park, capturing the moment the hangry reptile turned cannibal.

“It was the first time I’d ever seen anything like this with a crocodile,” Butter, 69, told The Sun Monday. “We were 10 days into our trip to Kruger. We had been sitting near the water for about 30 minutes waiting for the crocodiles to show up.”

And when they did, it was the massive beast who put on dinner — and a show, sinking its 4-inch-long teeth into its doomed relative.

“Over the space of about a minute, it tightened its hold and dragged it into the water to eat,” recalled Butter, who was about 100 feet from the main course. “With its dinner in tow, the crocodile swam away.”

Nile crocodiles can grow as large as 20 feet long and weigh up to 1,650 pounds, but typically average closer to 16 feet and 500 pounds.

They generally eat fish, but will attack “almost anything” in their path, including zebras, small hippos and their own species, according to National Geographic.

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