Apex Legends Leak Reveals Details of Potential Team Deathmatch Mode on Kings Canyon



Throughout the journey across seven seasons of Apex Legends, players have experienced a wide variety of exciting game modes. Although limited to certain events, these game modes have become a staple feature of Respawn’s battle royale. Now, new data-mined intel has surfaced, revealing details about a long-awaited arena mode for Apex Legends.

Flashpoint, one of the many LTMs Apex Legends has featured in past seasons. (Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Apex Legends)

The Apex community’s reliable data miner Shrugtal makes us privy to this leaked information. So far, players have relished the opportunity to jump into many unique limited-time modes as part of seasonal events. However, it appears Respawn is working on bringing a new team deathmatch style game mode in the future.

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Leaked details of a long-awaited arena game mode for Apex Legends

Following the recent launch of the Fight Night event, data miners have been sweeping the game files. Shrugtal took to Twitter to inform that he uncovered triggers for an arena mode in the latest King’s Canyon map files. He also provided a pictorial representation to elaborate on the details of what this potential mode would entail.

Looks like it will be a 3v3 TDM style game mode with the teams spawning on different locations with four different loadouts. One airdrop will spawn at the center and another medical supply bin at the side. The ring will shrink in three stages. Additionally, many different ‘arenas’ will feature in different King’s Canyon locations as part of this game mode.

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A few months back, Shrugtal had revealed that he found code in the game files to support UI slots for an ‘arena’ mode. Now, this recent leak gives us a good idea about some potential gameplay features to expect from the TDM style mode.

A follow-up tweet from the dataminer listed several other ‘arenas’, indicating the game mode could also occur on other maps. However, it is important to note that none of the aspects are finalized yet, as the devs might have things set up in a certain way for internal playtesting.

At this moment, it’s not possible to predict a definitive time frame for this arena mode’s arrival to the BR, since there is no official word from Respawn. However, we know that Apex Legends has significant things planned for upcoming seasons. Until then, we have to wait and watch eagerly.

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