Biden finally praises Operation Warp Speed


President-elect Joe Biden finally offered some words of praise for President Trump’s record-breaking Operation Warp Speed. Better late than never, we guess.

After getting his own jab Monday, Biden acknowledged the Trump administration’s hard work on vaccine development, specifically crediting Operation Warp Speed with “getting this off the ground.”

Yes: In the face of heavy partisan nay-saying, the private sector with Team Trump support got two vaccines to market within nine months, with a third not far behind and more coming up. OWS chief Dr. Moncef Slaoui thinks the pipeline is enough to vaccinate sufficient Americans to reach herd immunity by May.

And Biden clearly realizes it’ll be on him to finish the job. So no more casting doubt on vaccines just because they were developed under Trump: It’s time to boost confidence so that fears don’t get in the way of that direly needed herd immunity.

The prez-to-be thus also proclaimed his complete confidence in the vaccine, saying there’s “nothing to worry about” and that everyone should get it when they can.

This was always true: Virtually everyone in OWS is a dedicated, nonpartisan professional. Best to start respecting their work when you’re about to become their boss.  

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