Campaign cash pours into 2021 NYC mayoral race: reports



Cash poured into the coffers of the major candidates running to replace term-limited Mayor Bill de Blasio in the upcoming June Democratic primary, their campaigns said in statements released Wednesday.

The donations came in as the city’s attention remains fixed on the pandemic that has killed more than 25,000 New Yorkers.

Investment banker-turned-politician Ray McGuire, who opted out of the city’s public financing system, led the pack by raising $5 million and has $3.7 million in his account, according to campaign spokeswoman Lupe Todd-Medina.

City Comptroller Scott Stringer raised $458,000 from donors and expects to receive another $1.6 million in public funding for his campaign. He has $7.6 million on hand for the remaining six months of the primary, his campaign expects.

Another top tier contender, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams raised just $123,000 from private donors but his campaign said it expects those checks would yield an additional $1 million through the public financing system. Adams expects to have “nearly” $8 million in the bank.

Meanwhile, former top de Blasio adviser Maya Wiley claimed her campaign raised $700,000, which her advisers hope will net an additional $2 million from the generous public campaign financing system. A campaign spokesman was not able to provide the amount of cash on hand.

And another top de Blasio aide, former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, self-reported raising $300,000 from 1,500 donors, but apparently fell short of the thresholds to receive matching city funds.

The campaigns are required to file the identities of the donors and amounts given to the Campaign Finance Board by Friday.


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