Carrie Underwood’s ‘side-eye’ reaction to Luke Bryan’s ‘immunized’ joke goes viral



Social media users couldn’t help but notice Carrie Underwood appearing to give major “side-eye” after host Luke Bryan made a joke about being “immunized” while attending the 2021 CMA Awards on Wednesday night.

During Bryan’s opening monologue, he pointed out that the awards show was not taking place over video conference because everyone was “immunized.” The comment seemed to be a jab at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who just tested positive for COVID-19. Rodgers admitted he was unvaccinated after initially telling the press he was “immunized.”

“We’re following all the health protocols to keep everyone safe and it’s so great to be here with all my fellow artists, tested and together,” Bryan said. “Or immunized? Who is it? Just playin’!”

Underwood’s husband, former pro hockey star Mike Fisher, supported Rodgers’ decision to not get the vaccine in a long post on social media.


“I believe in the freedom to choose what we put in our bodies and the freedom of conscience. I agree with him in that the science clearly shows the vaccinated spread covid at basically the same rate as the unvaccinated,” Fisher wrote on Instagram.

After Bryan told the joke, the camera panned to Underwood who gave a lot of “side-eye.” Her reaction quickly went viral on Twitter.

“Great @carrieunderwood side eye,” said one viewer.

“Carrie Underwood looked quite annoyed when they showed her in the audience,” wrote one person.

Another person explained, “No he was making a coy joke about the Aaron Rodger’s issue…that’s why the camera panned to Carrie Underwood because her husband has been publicly supporting Rodgers.”


“We’re only ten minutes into the #CMAawards and my favourite part of the show will be Luke Bryan talking about being immunized and then panning to Carrie Underwood after Mike Fisher’s vaccine comments this week,” said one viewer.

Wrote another, “Carrie’s hubby supporting Aaron Rogers LOL” after someone commented that it was an “extremely awkward opening.”

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher made the 2021 CMA Awards a date night. <span class="copyright">John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA</span>

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher made the 2021 CMA Awards a date night. John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA

Underwood never commented publicly about her husband’s post.

In August, the star caught backlash for liking a tweet opposing mask mandates for children.


Underwood, a mother of two young boys herself, appeared to have liked a video on Twitter shared by media personality Matt Walsh containing a video of a speech that he gave railing against such mandates.

Meanwhile, the CMAs shared its protocol for the show in October.

The host appeared to make a jab at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. <span class="copyright">Robby Klein/ABC via Getty Images</span>

The host appeared to make a jab at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Robby Klein/ABC via Getty Images

“As we plan our return, it goes without saying that the health and safety of our guests and crew is our top priority,” Sarah Trahern, CMA Chief Executive Officer, said in a press release.

“Due to TV production protocols and venue and local rules, we will require all ticketed audience members to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination and wear masks unless actively eating or drinking. Both the house and backstage will comply with all applicable local health and safety regulations, as well as requirements from the television unions.”


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