Chris Russo tension with Craig Carton ‘over’ with sons’ WFAN show



It all happened rather quickly for Colin Russo and Sonny Carton, the sons of sports radio stars Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Craig Carton.

About a week after Craig heard Colin on Chris’ SiriusXM show on Dec. 7, ranting about former Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ all-out blitz that cost the Jets their first win against the Raiders the day before — and hurting Colin Russo’s Jaguars in the race for the No. 1 draft pick — Craig called former foe Chris to see if he’d be interested in their two sons doing a show together.

“The Carton and I relationship, Craig and I have sort of gotten by that anyway. I’m not worried about that,” Chris Russo said this week on The Post’s “Blue Rush” Giants podcast. “Carton kills you, you killed him, now you’re working together, who cares? It’s over with, bygones be bygones.”

And just like that, WFAN gave college freshmen Colin Russo and Sonny Carton two hours together on Wednesday, Dec. 30, starting at 2 p.m. when Carton’s show with Evan Roberts normally starts. Russo said he called his son about 15 minutes before the start of that Dec. 7 show to have him come on, and Colin went on a “Mad Dog”-like rant, sounding just like his dad.

“I’m gonna work that day so literally I’m gonna have him up against me, if you can imagine that,” Russo said of his son. “I just put him on the radio here a couple weeks ago, spur of the moment, when the Raiders threw the pass against [Gregg] Williams’ defense there because he’s a huge Jaguar fan. He’s been very unlucky with his sports team – the A’s, he loves the A’s and they never win a playoff series, and the Jaguars obviously lose that championship game (in January 2018) and they’ve been terrible since they lost to the Patriots. So he’s been really unlucky.

“He’s had some health issues, too. He’s had a bad back and he broke his collarbone. So I was very, very happy for him (Sunday when the Jets won) and he was so upset that (Sunday) when the Raiders won (against the Jets.)”

Colin must be feeling better now that the Jets did end up getting a win against the Rams, putting the Jaguars in the driver’s seat for the top pick and the chance to draft Clemson star Trevor Lawrence.

Chris Russo said “you’d be an idiot if you said no” to have that kind of opportunity for your son, even if it means ruffling some feathers.

“The only person who really should be offended is Evan, ‘cause (Colin is) not taking Moose’s (Marc Malusis) and Maggie Gray’s hour away, or something on my show an hour away. He’s taking Evan’s couple of hours away,” Russo said. “So Evan’s the guy you most worry about if he was offended. Now he’s gonna tell me if he was anyway, he can’t. But I’d like to think he gets it. So that’s what the nepotism folks would say: ‘Well hold on now, you’re taking two hours away.’ You’re taking two hours away from Carton’s show. It’s different.”

How does dad think son will fare after his viral Jets rant? Chris says he wouldn’t allow Colin on if he didn’t think he could handle it.

“Is he gonna break down the ’62 Mets? No. Nobody can. These hosts don’t do that like we did in the old days,” Chris said. “But as far as handling the day-to-day deal of sports today and as far as just going on there and not being nervous and having some presence … you can tell he knows what he’s talking about.”


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