Christie Smythe, reporter who fell for Martin Shkreli, defends herself on Twitter



Martin Shkreli’s love scribe has unleashed a firestorm on Twitter since going public with their romance Sunday — defending herself while hailing him as a COVID-19 hero.

Former Bloomberg court reporter Christie Smythe, who famously revealed her love for the publicly flayed “Pharma Bro’’ in a magazine article, has spent the past day tweeting that the convicted fraudster is no “psychopath” — and instead just a misunderstood genius who even touted a promising COVID-19 treatment before the rest of the world.

“Since mid-April, researchers around the world have been looking into using leprosy drug clofazimine for COVID-19. Martin Shkreli beat them, drafting that proposal from prison in March. The government called him ‘delusional,’ ” Smythe defiantly tweeted along with two links to stories mentioning the anti-leprosy drug’s potential in combatting the coronavirus.

The journalist insisted that her imprisoned beloved fraudster is no evil nut job, despite what some people think.

“I realize it’s hard for many people to accept that 1. Martin is not a psychopath, and 2. a woman can choose to do something with her life (which does not affect you) that you in no way approve of. But that’s OK,’’ wrote Smythe — who gave up her marriage and choice job at Bloomberg for the reviled con.

“I’ve lived in New York for 12 years. I’ve seen (and dated) far more narcissistic people than Martin,” Smythe said in another tweet.

She even turned the tables on a commenter who wrote to her, “I think I can speak for just about everyone reading this story. THE ABSOLUTE LAST THING anyone is thinking about is the guy in prison. Instead- it is absolute concern about your mental/emotional state and the hope you will get help.”

Smythe responded sarcastically, “That’s sweet.

“But the first thing I’m thinking about are all of the inmates at risk of catching covid, which is tearing through our prisons like wildfire, with the government doing next to nothing about it. Let’s start there,” she said.

Smythe also gave a shout-out to The Post — which exclusively reported Monday that Shkreli’s lawyer tried to talk him out of the relationship.

“This is true,” she tweeted along with a link to The Post’s story.

Smythe — who has kissed Shkreli at prison, although the pair have yet to consummate their relationship — tweeted that she was just glad her love story is now out.

“Going public is such a relief, no matter what people think,” the journalist wrote. “You have no idea how hard it is to keep this kind of a story bottled up. So messy and complicated. I’m glad it was told well.”

Shkreli has been labeled “the most hated man in the world” for once jacking up the price of an AIDS drug overnight by nearly 5,000 percent. He was convicted in August 2017 of defrauding investors in an alleged $11 million Ponzi scheme and is currently serving a seven-year sentence behind bars.

Shkreli has been infamous for targeting female journalists covering him, too.

He bought urls in the names of two women reporters, including a Postie, then offered to sell the domains for $12,000.

He also once threatened to “f–k” a writer who spurned him.


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