Christie Smythe was warned Martin Shkreli would ‘ruin her life’



Love scribe Christie Smythe’s journalism professor desperately warned her from falling for Martin Shkreli — predicting that the “Pharma Bro” would “ruin her life.”

“I tried…,” Columbia Journalism School professor Michael Shapiro tweeted Monday, reaffirming his efforts to thwart the romance.

Former Bloomberg reporter Smythe, 38, admitted her love for the reviled jailbird in a stunning interview with Elle magazine, saying she upended her “perfect little Brooklyn life” — quitting her job and getting divorced.

In the article — which ended with Smythe seemingly getting dumped by Shkreli via a terse statement from his lawyers — Shapiro recounted his repeated warnings to his student, who at the time was enrolled in the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Journalism Fellowship.

The professor recalled his fears as Smythe appeared to be falling for Shkreli in the period before he was sentenced to seven years’ prison for cheating investors.

She wrote “quite candidly about how [Shkreli] had so successfully drawn her in,” even as she knew “how manipulative he was to reporters,” he told Elle.

Shapiro feared Shkreli — already reviled for jacking up the cost of a lifesaving AIDs drug — was stringing along his student to make “her evermore grateful for access.”

“Once that happens, you’re at a profound disadvantage as a reporter,” Shapiro told Elle — saying he also warned Smythe off penning a book about someone “so manipulative.”

“You’re going to ruin your life,” Smythe recalled Shapiro telling her.

She ignored that advice, getting closer to Shkreli while working on a book — and eventually sharing mutual confessions of love during a prison visit in which they kissed.

Smythe was left heartbroken, however, tearing up during her interviews with Elle when told that Shkreli wished her “the best of luck in her future endeavors.”

“He basically dumped me through his lawyers,” she told The Post Monday, saying she is now “definitely open” to dating.

“I have been basically celibate for two years,’’ she said. “I’m not going to sit around and wait.”


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