Cris Cyborg Reveals Stem Cell Treatment Has Enabled a Long Lasting Career



Cris Cyborg is the reigning, defending and undisputed Bellator MMA featherweight champion. After winning the strap in her debut bout with Bellator, she has also had one successful title defense. Cyborg is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished female fighters in the world and has been a champion in multiple organizations over the course of her career. 

In her prolific MMA career that has spanned over 16 years, Cyborg’s impeccable performances have cemented her place as one of the greatest female fighters of all time. In a recent interview, she revealed one of the secrets to her long-lasting career.

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Cris Cyborg details the importance of rest and recovery for MMA fighters

In a recent interview, James Lynch asked Cris why she was in Colombia and not in the United States. She replied, “You know, second time I come to Colombia. I came to bioXcellerator to do the stem cells to treat all my injuries. I went last time and you know I treat all my injuries of my career and I feel great. I had an amazing year, all my injuries very good.”

While speaking on the benefits of stem cell treatments and why she does it, the former UFC champion said, “You know, last time I had a lot of problems on my wrist, my knee and it was for a long time because I was training every day. And I used to play handball every day. It really helps, you know, it really helps in recovery. For all the little injuries that we have since a long time. And I feel the difference, I feel my body is different. After coming here for the treatment.”

While Cyborg did have a good year in 2020, she is aiming for an even better one in 2021. The Brazilian fighter is open to a fight against Olympic gold medallist and PFL fighter Kayla Harrison

Bellator head honcho Scott Coker has stated that he was open to the idea. However, it remains to be seen if the fight will come to fruition in 2021. 

Do you think a fight between Harrison and Cyborg will take place in 2021? Who do you think wins if it takes place? Let us know in the comments below!


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