Delta passengers who slid out of plane with dog get pup back


The Florida couple that used the emergency slide to bolt from a Delta flight at LaGuardia Airport with their Great Dane puppy in tow were handed the dog back Wednesday morning from a Brooklyn animal shelter. 

Antonio Murdock, 31, and 23-year-old gal pal 23-year-old Brianna Greco walked out of the Animal Care Centers of NYC in East New York with Rain around 11 a.m.

Murdock held Rain on a leash as the pup jumped on his owners in excitement.

“Hey mama,” Greco said to her pooch. 

“We’re good, we’re OK,” Murdock told the Post as the couple walked away. “We don’t wanna talk right now.” 

“Of course we’re gonna get her, she’s our dog,” Greco said. “People have been very rude. We’re in a very emotional state. We want to be left alone.”

The Animal Care Centers of NYC did not immediately respond to a request for comment from about why the animal — which could have been hurt during the couple’s risky escape — was released to its owners.

A spokesman for the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene — which oversees the ACC — also had no immediate comment Wednesday. 

The couple opened an emergency door on the Delta plane at LaGuardia Airport around 11 a.m. Monday and took Rain with them as they went down the inflatable slide on the tarmac.

The Atlanta-bound flight was preparing for takeoff at the time of their escape. 

Murdock was charged with criminal trespass, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief, Port Authority police said Tuesday. He was released without bail and issued an order of protection to keep him from getting in touch with the flight attendant.

Outside criminal court Tuesday, Murdock said he suffered from anxiety and depression, and was having a panic attack at the time of the incident. 

“I asked them three or four times to let me off,” he said. “They said they were stopping the plane and they never stopped the plane, and I got to the point where I was just feeling dizzy.”

Greco, was charged with criminal trespass and released on a desk appearance ticket.

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