Democrats to issue new subpoenas for Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank



House Democrats intend to file new subpoenas related to President Trump’s business deals with Deutsche Bank — after the Supreme Court said that their previous subpoenas were too broad, it was revealed in court Tuesday. 

The subpoenas will be re-issued by Democratic reps who previously sought financial information from the bank, which has lent Trump billions of dollars in recent decades, House attorney Douglas Letter said at a Manhattan federal court hearing Tuesday. 

The subpoenas will be issued “very soon” by both the House’s Intelligence and Financial Services committees and will be “accompanied by statements that explain what the committees are doing,” Letter added.   

In July, the Supreme Court ruled the first subpoenas issued by the House committees were too broad and the power they sought to pry into Trump’s financial dealings was an overreach. 

“The House’s approach would leave essentially no limits on the congressional power to subpoena the President’s personal records,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote at the time.

The case was kicked back down to district court after the high court’s ruling. 

On Tuesday, Letter said the newly sworn-in House Democrats are authorized to issue new subpoenas for Trump’s financial information based on the ruled adopted by the 117th Congress. 

Trump will leave office next week when President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in.


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