Doctor accused of sexually abusing patients won’t get a free lawyer


A Manhattan gynecologist accused of sexually abusing dozens of pregnant patients won’t get a free lawyer, a federal judge said Wednesday — pointing out that he made the request after transferring $1.25 million to family members.

Ex-Columbia University Dr. Robert Hadden, 63, asked for a court-appointed attorney in October in a handwritten affidavit stating he had $145,000 in the bank, an income of about $80,000 a year from disability insurance payouts and a home in New Jersey worth $500,000.

After US District Judge Richard Berman questioned the accuracy of the document, Hadden submitted financial statements showing he had “arranged several recent transfers of inheritance assets and of funds collectively in excess of $1.25 million — all to his immediate family members,” according to court papers. The bulk of the transfers were made before Hadden’s arrest by the feds in September.

Specifically, in May, Hadden “disclaimed” a $1 million inheritance from his father, triggering the transfer of the funds to his son and daughter, the papers say. Hadden’s son, who is disabled, lives with him.

After Hadden made the October request for a free attorney, he transferred approximately $150,000 to his wife’s checking account. Back in 2019, he handed his daughter $100,000 to help her buy a house, according to his financial disclosure.

“Based upon a review of all the evidence presented, the Court is constrained to find the defendant’s portrayal of financial inability ‘lacks credibility,’” wrote Berman in his decision.

Hadden’s defense lawyer Isabelle Kirshner, who has asked to be taken off the case, said she disagreed with the ruling.

“We’re a small firm,” she said. “He cannot afford to pay our fees and we cannot afford to absorb them. We are considering whatever recourse may be available to us.”

The disgraced doctor is slated to go to trial on July 6 for allegedly sexually abusing six patients — including minors.

The Southern District of New York stepped in and obtained an indictment against the deviant doctor after the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office gave him a widely panned no-jail deal in 2016 without consulting his victims.

In the sweetheart plea Kirshner negotiated, Hadden copped to one count each of criminal sex act and forcible touching in connection to two women, and state prosecutors agreed not to pursue charges related to 20 known accusers.

Prosecutors allegedly offered the deal after they were caught red-handed withholding evidence, it was revealed for the first time this year during a federal hearing.

Hadden is free on a $1 million bond.

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