Eagles QB Carson Wentz bashed by Rex Ryan, Tiki Barber


Carson Wentz was criticized by several former NFLers following a report that the recently demoted Eagles quarterback would want out of Philadelphia if he continues to back up Jalen Hurts.

Former Giants running back Tiki Barber, who had a messy split from the franchise, was among them.

“Carson Wentz is being perhaps the worst teammate you could possibly be – ever,” Barber said Monday on CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki and Tierney.” “Here’s the problem: there is a narrative around Carson Wentz that as good as he is or potentially could be, he’s just never been able to be the man. It puts the Eagles in an utterly impossible position.”

Barber infamously criticized former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and ex-teammate Eli Manning after he retired from the NFL following the 2006 season.

After starting the first 13 games of the season, Wentz was demoted in favor of Hurts ahead of the Eagles’ Week 14 win over the Saints. Wentz was benched in the third quarter of Philadelphia’s Week 13 game against the Packers, in which Green Bay took a 30-16 win.

At the time of the 27-year-old Wentz’s benching, he led the league in interceptions thrown (15) and sacks taken (50).

Following ESPN’s headline that Wentz could want out, the Associated Press reported that not to be the case.

Rex Ryan; Carson Wentz; Tiki Barber
Rex Ryan; Carson Wentz; Tiki Barber
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But that didn’t stop the critiques of Wentz from rolling in.

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky said on Monday’s episode of ESPN’s “Get Up!” that Wentz’s run with the Eagles was definitely over.

“Carson Wentz won’t take another snap for the Philadelphia Eagles ever again,” Orlovsky said. “He can’t and he shouldn’t. This is going to be a divorce, and it’s going to be pricey. I said last week I don’t see if Jalen Hurts continues to play good football, how you could have both of them on your football team next year. After [Sunday], you can’t.”

Orlovsky isn’t the only ESPN personality who believes this is the beginning of the Eagles’ divorce from Wentz, with former Jets head coach Rex Ryan saying he believes Wentz should “quit being a baby.”

“First off, you think Philly’s gonna allow this guy to come back?” he said. “And I’m talking about the fan base and the people of Philadelphia. This is the wrong town to be messing with. Here’s the thing: Carson Wentz, you don’t want to be a backup. Well, no kidding. Everybody in the world doesn’t want to be a backup.

“And I’ll tell you who’s more disappointed other than Carson Wentz? How about the Philadelphia Eagles! They gave you a $100 million, and you think, ‘Oh I’m disappointed I’m a backup.’ So are we! So are we! You think we gave you $100 million to be wasted on the bench? No! You’re getting beat out by a guy I quite honestly didn’t think had the skillset.”

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