Family murderer Chris Watts ‘hates the holidays’ in prison


Chris Watts — the Colorado dad convicted of slaughtering his family — won’t be having a merry Christmas behind bars.

Watts, who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters in August 2018, apparently dreads spending the holiday season and New Year’s at Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin, People reported.

“He doesn’t like talking about his life before prison, but he has said that he used to be a huge fan of Christmas: decorating the house, spending time with family,” a source told the outlet.

“And he knows 100% that it’ll never happen again, and that it’s his own fault. He’s in a hell of his own making.”

Watts, who is serving multiple life sentences for the murders, won’t be able to find any comfort in the prison grub, either.

“The prison has a ‘Christmas dinner,’ but it’s basically bland turkey and potatoes,” the source told the magazine.

“It’s not exactly the feast you’d imagine for Christmas. In a sense, that’s more depressing, because it reminds the inmates that it’s Christmas and that they’re getting an inferior copy of the holiday.”

Bella Watts, from left, Celeste Watts and Shanann Watts
Bella Watts, from left, Celeste Watts and Shanann Watts
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation via AP

Watts instead will reserve any holiday cheer for his pen pals, the source told the outlet.

“He’ll write his penpals this season, and they’re sending him notes, as well,” the source said. “It’s literally all he can do at this point. He hates the holidays.”

In a deal that spared him the death penalty, Watts fessed up to strangling his 34-year-old wife, Shannan, then smothering their two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. 

Watts allegedly claimed he never would have killed his pregnant wife and children if he hadn’t met his co-worker mistress Nichol Kessinger.

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