Giants’ Playoff Hopes Slipping Away feat. Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo


Chris Russo
Chris Russo

The Giants went from first place to third pretty quickly. Their hopes of winning the NFC East are slowly fading away. Their offense was inept led by Colt McCoy against the Browns Sunday night in a 20-6 loss, falling to 5-9 on the season. While they may be only a game behind Washington, they likely will have to win their final two games to win the division and hope Washington loses to the Panthers or Eagles.

To break down the loss, where they stand and chat with the Mad Dog himself, we bring you a brand new episode of the “Blue Rush” podcast with Paul Schwartz and Lawrence Tynes.

Blue Rush Opening Segment with Schwartz & Tynes:

  • Reacting to the 20-6 loss to the Browns. Tynes disagrees with Joe Judge not going for field goals in the first half. Kick the football!
  • Tynes says Judge is wrong. Not putting points on the board changes attitude, playcalling, everything. Reacting to the fake field goal. Not a good play call. Tom Coughlin never did a fake field goal once.
  • Daniel Jones would have got killed out there. Offensive line was not good. Void of dynamic playmakers on offense. Defense stopped the run, but Baker Mayfield made some big plays.
  • NFC East situation. Can the Giants still win the division? Who is the favorite now?

Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Interview:
Iconic sports talk radio host, Mad Dog Unleashed host on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio, High Heat host on MLB Network, former Mike & the Mad Dog co-host on WFAN

  • Thoughts on the Giants loss, where the team stands now and their future with Daniel Jones. Is he a franchise QB? Hard to say right now. Will get at least one more season next year to show what he’s got.
  • Convinced that Joe Judge is a good coach, no-nonsense guy. Not convinced on Jones or Dave Gettleman.
  • Forming the Mad Dog channel with Sirius, getting hosts, having to fire hosts, the changes to their radio lineup. Bringing in Pat McAfee to the station.
  • Why he sometimes misses being on New York sports radio. No hometown team when you do national radio. Misses having a co-host sometimes.
  • Interviewing kickers over years. Being at the game in Green Bay for Tynes’ field goal. Kickers can make longer field goals now more than ever. Some great kickers out there. Still some really bad kickers.
  • His son Colin co-hosting on WFAN with Craig Carton’s son Sonny next week. Will he be listening? Will he follow his dad’s footsteps in the future?
  • Thoughts on Carton being back on the airwaves and what he brings to WFAN. “He’s got juice.”
  • Difference in radio now vs. when he started. All the stations and podcasts out have made the industry very difficult to get into and have success.
  • How much longer will he be doing radio?


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