Hungry wolverine stumbles upon trail camera. Alaska video captures unexpected moment



The vicious reputation of wolverines was on displaydays ago when one tried eating a trail camera at Denali National Park and Preserve in southern Alaska.

Proof came in the form of a blurry photo taken from the inside of the apparently hungry animal’s mouth.

Park officials shared the image Tuesday, Nov. 16, on Facebook, with an explanation for what viewers were seeing.

“Closer…closer…chomp! And gone,” the park wrote. “When was the last time you saw a picture of the inside of a wolverine’s mouth?”

This is the photo taken from inside the wolverine’s mouth.

This is the photo taken from inside the wolverine’s mouth.

The camera survived and took a photo of the snow-caked wolverine walking away, apparently realizing the camera wasn’t worth swallowing.

Wolverines are rarely seen in the 6-million acre park, which includes the continent’s tallest peak, officials said.

“Trail cameras are just one tool that gives us a brief glimpse into their lives – and mouths!” park said wrote.

The thick-coated species is related to minks and weasels, and can grow to 40 pounds. “They are primarily solitary creatures” that can travel as much as 40 miles in a day, experts say.

“The elusive wolverine is famed for its toughness and ferocity, but wolverines have a softer side too,” Denali National Park officials wrote.

“After leaving their mother, juvenile wolverines will sometimes spend time traveling with their father,” officials wrote. “This potentially helps the young wolverines improve their foraging skills.”

The photos have gotten more than 1,200 reactions in under a day, including some who noted the animal’s woolly appearance resembled that of a small bear.

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