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Mike Tannenbaum
Mike Tannenbaum
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Jets fans don’t have much to be joyful about this Christmas, but not all hope is lost just yet. There are still two games left, and there is still a little time for Trevor Lawrence to fall back in the lap of Joe Douglas and the Jets. Gang Green needs a Jaguars win against the Bears Sunday or a miracle over the Colts next week. The Jets need to get back to their losing ways against the Browns on Sunday. It will take a Christmas miracle, indeed.

To preview Jags-Bears, Jets-Browns, talk about quarterback options for 2021 for the Jets, give out our Mount Rushmore of Christmas songs and chat with a Jets GM that got them to back-to-back AFC Championship Games, we present to you a brand new episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast with Brian Costello and me.



Gang’s All Here Opening Segment with Jake & Coz:

  • Coz Christmas! Coz’s wife has done most of the shopping for their two kids. He’s ready to roll for Friday.
  • On the Jets’ holiday wish list might be a new QB for 2021. We talk potential options: Zach Wilson, Mitchell Trubisky, Marcus Mariota. Would you take Trubisky or Mariota for a year over Sam Darnold? Is Wilson a better option than Justin Fields? There’s a lot to debate.
  • Jags-Bears and Jets-Browns previews.
  • Coz honors the late Kevin Greene. Amazing watching him play. He was a great guy when he was a Jets coach in 2017-2018.

Brian’s Book:
Coz looks back to sitting in the press box with Mike Tannenbaum, and how mad he would get during games if they were losing. He also tells the time he sat in the press box with Tom Coughlin for the Jaguars-Patriots playoff game. Coughlin threw his pencil right past Coz’s ear. Coz kept the pencil.

Stump The Coz:
Alex Cammarata tries to stump Coz with this rookie QB-themed question and fails.

Christmas Music Mount Rushmore:
We give out our Mount Rushmore of Christmas songs. Coz very much disagrees with me putting Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in my top spot. Coz also explains his struggles in his snow blower experience last week.

Mike Tannenbaum Interview:
Former Jets GM (2006-2012), ESPN NFL Front Office Insider

  • Starting his career as an intern in 1991 with the Pittsfield Mets.
  • Gives players and coaches ton of credit for the win Sunday. Joe Douglas was happy, but probably also saying wow, Trevor Lawrence may be a Jaguar.
  • Disappointed with Darnold’s turnover numbers. Hard to win with sustainability when you turn the ball over that much. Mariota or Jameis Winston could be an option. Not going to get a huge haul if you trade the second pick.
  • Coaching search and what Jets would look for in a new coach.
  • College coaches to NFL, working with Steve Kerr to get his contract with Warriors after not having coaching experience.
  • The decision to fire Eric Mangini after 2008 season. Gives him credit for doing a lot of great things, laying the foundation for 2009 and 2010 playoff teams.
  • The decision to extend Mark Sanchez and what was behind it.
  • Proud of drafting D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Never missed time.
  • Working with Rex Ryan, how fun it was, the mocha frappucino to get his way. How the two of them worked so well together. The confidence Rex had.
  • His rise to the NFL, keeping rejection letters to motivate him. Jets are a special organization, hopeful better days ahead.

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