Joe Biden says Hunter probe not a factor in AG search



President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that a federal tax probe targeting his son Hunter Biden’s murky financial dealings has not come up in his ongoing search for an attorney general.

At a press conference in Wilmington, Del., the former veep was pressed on whether he has spoken with potential candidates and his team about the investigation into his son’s overseas business dealings.

“No, no I guarantee you I’m going to do what I said,” Biden responded.

“The attorney general of the United States of America is not the president’s lawyer. I will appoint someone I expect to enforce the law as the law is written, not guided by me.”

Biden is still yet to appoint someone to fill the high-level cabinet role, bucking recent predecessors who had all named their attorney general-nominee by this stage in the transition.

The incoming commander-in-chief said he was “still working through it” and told reporters there was still “not an obvious choice in my mind.”

Hunter Biden, 50, confirmed earlier this month that he is under federal investigation for possible tax fraud.

As he walked off stage, Biden was asked by Fox News if he still believed The Post’s exclusive reporting on the contents of his son Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian misinformation” in the wake of reports that some of those damaging emails were part of the federal probe.

“Yes, yes, yes. God love you, man. You are a one horse pony, I tell you,” he responded.

“I promise you my justice department will be totally on its own making its judgments about how to proceed,” he added.

The Post in October revealed correspondence between Hunter Biden and his business associates which showed him trying to land lucrative deals in China and Ukraine by trading off his famous father’s influence, in some cases involving the elder Biden directly.

Outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr, who exits the job on Wednesday, said this week that he felt there was no need to appoint a special prosecutor to bolster the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

However, many Republican lawmakers and allies of President Trump have called for a special counsel to continue investigating the scandal-scarred son as Joe Biden enters the White House.


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