Letters to the editor — Jan. 6, 2021


The Issue: Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s proposal to use only gender-neutral language in House rules.

At first glance, I thought, for sure, it was a satirical piece that I was reading in The Post (“Nancy Cancels Mom,” Jan. 5).

But no! Lo and behold —’twas not a satire at all. The (out-of-their-minds) members of the House of Representatives have actually proposed changes to its rules regarding the terminology to be used to promote “gender-neutrality.”

If they have their way, get ready to say good-bye to the following “offensive” familial nouns: mother, father, son and daughter, aunt and uncle.

I, for one, am very proud to be not only a daughter, wife, mother and aunt, but also a grandmother.

In all my years in these roles, I am quite certain that nobody in my life has been offended by these titles, which I proudly wear. What is happening to America? Wake up, folks! This trend is beyond absurd. It is truly frightening.

Jeannie Weldin

Dumont, NJ

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats may have been able to eliminate certain words (uncle, brother, sister, etc.) with new rules established in the House eliminating all gender references, but the rest of us who are sane still have nouns left to describe these slobs: idiots, lunatics and morons.

Jake McNicholas


I’m pretty sure gender-inclusive is different from gender-eliminating.

It seems Speaker Pelosi is hell-bent on removing labels we choose to represent ourselves, whether based on biology or personal choice.

How can she suddenly seek to ignore our identities, when her party is nothing if not obsessed with identity and appearance? (I am fully supportive of people’s right to their own identities and expressions.)

My only consolation amid all of this nonsense is that, perhaps, since childbearing is so sexist and one-sided, the far left will give it up altogether for the sake of equality.

Maybe we will have a new generation of level-headed voters in 18 years or so.

Noelle Albanese

New Rochelle

Abigail Shrier’s complaint regarding Pelosi’s proposal to eliminate “exclusive” language is clearly correct, but I think she missed a big point in the eventual progression of these language revisions.

No one would argue with Shrier that descriptive words like policeman, fireman, mailman, etc. are better represented by more technically correct terms such as police officer, firefighter, letter carrier, etc., but Shrier has totally missed the entire slippery-slope issue.

It always starts out with replacing one word with a less “offensive” word, but it never ends until absurdity finally sets in.

The foundation for Pelosi’s newest attack on language was built years ago. We now live in an America where words like “father,” “mother,” “sister,” etc. are considered offensive.

John DelGobbo

Wolcott, Conn.

Is loathsome “Catholic” Pelosi going to tell the pope he can no longer refer to Mary as the “mother” of Jesus?

I waited my entire life to be called “grandma” and that woman — one of the cruelest, most illogical morons in Congress — wants to remove the title from House rules.

With all the problems and suffering the average American has endured, Queen Nancy played politics and waited to get our tax money back out to struggling Americans while enjoying her $12-per-pint gourmet ice cream.

And now her primary focus is the asinine gender “inclusivity” — while Democratic-run cities continue to deteriorate.

D. M. Diana

Greeley, Pa.

Nancy’s latest call to erase gender references takes away the very core of who we are.

Instead of finding a new speaker, House members spoke volumes. They are behind this wacko who spends more money on her masks than some people do on food.

The Democrats have reached a new low and continue to dig deeper on a daily basis. Let’s take the gavel away from Nancy and find her a nice padded cell — equipped with a freezer of gelato, of course.

Arlene Chera


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