Lewis Hamilton: ‘Was Nagging Everyone for the PS5’



It is a known fact that Sir Lewis Hamilton has been a crazy fan of Sony’s world-famous gaming console, Play Station. He also used to carry his PS4 to every race weekend and play all by himself, and sometimes with his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, as well.

During the CES 2021 event, Lewis opened up about his journey so far with the recently unveiled Play Station 5. Apparently, he had been “nagging” everyone for the PS5.

What did Lewis say?

The seven-time world champion revealed that he recently got his hands on PS5 and has been carrying it with him wherever he travels.

I’ve been nagging everyone for the PS5 like everyone is. And I finally got it,” he said. “And I actually carry it around with me. I travel with it everywhere I go. And I have a gaming monitor and the whole headphones. I’m fully geared up.

PS5 officially made its way into the market in mid-November last year, and the stocks were just not sufficient enough. A lot of people are still waiting for the restocking just so they can buy the console.

However, it wasn’t a similar story for Lewis. The recently knighted driver apparently received it as a gift from the makers, Sony. So far, it looks like he has had a great time with it.

Always into gaming: Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes driver opened up about the reason behind his love for gaming and computers. His father, Anthony Hamilton, played a significant role in his fondness for gaming.  “My dad was actually always into computers,” he said.

I remember being at home growing up and my dad taking apart- the PCs. And I remember getting involved in learning to build a computer when I was 17.

Formula One F1 – Bahrain Grand Prix – Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain – Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton after qualifying in pole position alongside second-placed Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas Pool via REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

I was always into gaming, and watching the technology advance over the years has been absolutely mind-blowing,” the Briton added.

Lewis and Bottas have spent quite a lot of time playing on PS4 during the race weekends in the past. So, considering that Lewis now holds a much better PS5, will we be witnessing more of such fun behind-the-scenes with the two Mercedes drivers?


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