Major Randy Orton vs Triple H Fight Ends in a Mysterious Way on WWE RAW



WWE RAW had to improvise and put on an entertaining show after Drew McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19. His opponent, Randy Orton, needed a new opponent, and he found one in the Game. Triple H showed up at the top of the show to cut a promo but was interrupted by Randy Orton. Their confrontation led to the night’s main event being confirmed, but the night ended in absolute confusion.

Randy Orton vs Triple H fight in WWE RAW main event

This was Triple H’s first match on RAW since he faced Dolph Ziggler in 2016. That night, he defeated Dolph to retain the WWE Championship, but Randy Orton represents a whole different ball game. Orton and Triple H previously faced off at Super Showdown 2019 where Orton won.

The Game walked to the ring in his non-wrestling gear. This meant that the Game would not wrestle a traditional wrestling match but he intended to beat the hell out of Randy. Orton had been disrespecting and insulting WWE legends for weeks and needed to be put in his place.

The former Evolution members brawled in and around the ring before a vicious uppercut knocked Triple H out of the ring. Orton looked for a back suplex on the announcer’s table, but Triple H blocked it and delivered one of his own.

Triple H had some blood on his head, but the commentators were quick to point out it wasn’t his. He grabbed his trusted sledgehammer and headed back in to finish Randy, but the arena lights faded.

Alexa Bliss returns

Triple H and Randy Orton looked visibly shaken in the ring, and the Game’s sledgehammer suddenly caught fire. The lights faded completely, and Triple H vanished. Orton suspected someone stalking him from behind and turned around to find Alexa Bliss staring a hole through him.

He stared back at Alexa, fuming at her mere presence. The look on Bliss’ face changed and she placed her hand below her chin. Out of nowhere, she threw a fireball at Orton which sent the Viper reeling.

RAW ended on another cliffhanger with no clear direction in which this storyline is progressing. They are obviously building towards the Fiend returning, but did it really have to cost us a potentially exceptional Triple H vs Randy Orton match?


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