Marianne Williamson doesn’t want to smoke weed with Klobuchar



No joint ticket in the future for these two?

Marianne Williamson says she does not want to get high with fellow former Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

“I am not getting stoned with Amy Klobuchar,” the self-help guru wrote Saturday night on Twitter.

Williamson was replying to a social media meme in which Twitter users were asked to name two 2020 Democratic candidates to “smoke a bowl” with.

One social media user had suggested, “marianne williamson and then amy klobuchar can bring her hot dish!” — a favorite recipe of the Minnesota senator’s.

The New Age author quickly stamped out any chances of a proposed smoke session, though she didn’t provide any explanation.

Both women are proponents of legalizing marijuana, though Klobuchar has said that it should be up to individual states to determine their own policies.


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