Martin Shkreli’s gal pal ‘thought he was a bad guy’ even before fraud scandal


The reporter who fell in love with “Pharma Bro’’ Martin Shkreli suggested that she “thought he was a bad guy’’ months after his arrest for securities fraud, an ex-Columbia University big told The Post on Monday.

Then-Bloomberg News court scribe Christie Smythe — who stunningly revealed her now-undying love for the imprisoned convict in a magazine article Sunday — was investigating his case at the time “as if he had done something wrong,’’ said Terri Thompson, former director of the school’s Knight-Bagehot Journalism Fellowship program, which the reporter was enrolled in for nine months starting in fall 2016.

“I think she thought he was a bad guy,’’ Thompson said of Smythe’s feelings about Shkreli, who was arrested in December 2015 and awaiting trial at the time.

The ex-director said that while she could not recall anything specific Smythe told her about Shkreli, “That’s just my impression — that he was worthy of being investigated, certainly,’’ in the journalist’s mind.

Thompson added that she was shocked to just learn of Smythe’s eventual romance with Shkreli, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence after being convicted in August 2017.

“He must be very charismatic,’’ she said of the onetime wunderkind. “Wow. … This is mind-blowing.’’

Thompson recalled how during the admissions process to the fellowship program, “you have to give an example of something you’re working on, and I think [Smythe] was working on his story at the time.

“She worked hard, she’s a good reporter,” Thompson said of Smythe, who told Elle mag she divorced her hubby and quit her job for Shkreli — as well as froze her eggs in the hopes of one day having kids with him.

“I think she had a bright future,’’ Thompson said of Smythe. “And I think she still does.

“Love is a strange thing. I don’t think you can predict who you fall in love with,” Thompson said. “There’s gotta be something really good about him for her to fall in love with him.”

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