Mom devastated after thieves steal $5K in Christmas presents



A burglar left a British mom devastated after making off with more than $5,000 in Christmas presents — including gifts for her disabled toddler.

That is until kindhearted strangers came to the rescue, according to a report.

Courtney Farnell, 21, had scraped all year to give her 16-month-old daughter the “best Christmas a mother could give,” but instead walked into a ransacked home on Christmas Eve, The Sun reported.

“We came through the front door,” Farnell told the newspaper. “I got Minnie out of the car and went closer to the house. I could see all my belongings everywhere.”

“All of the presents were gone,” she said. “Everything I’d gotten for my family, for my daughter.”

“They didn’t just steal from me. They stole from my baby girl.”

Courtney, who lives in Leeds in Northern England, said she had taken her little girl on a 30-minute drive late Wednesday to calm her down, and returned home around midnight on Thursday to find that thieves had raided her home.

The pilfered presents included new Xbox and PlayStation consoles, a laptop, a camera, and presents for her little girl, Courtney said on a GoFundMe page she set up.

“I’m absolutely heart broken we don’t even know how many Christmases we have with Minnie,” she wrote. “She has brain damage, epilepsy, global developmental delays and lots more. All I wanted was an amazing Christmas for her.”

“I spent every last penny making this Christmas special for her and I’m left with nothing.”

Her plea for help didn’t go unnoticed.

By Christmas morning her fundraising page had collected more than $4,000 — more than twice the amount she had requested.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped and donated,” she told The Sun. “It has made our Christmas. It saved our Christmas.”


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