‘Nervous but Excited’: Daniel Ricciardo Shows off His First Date With McLaren



Daniel Ricciardo completed his French journey with Renault in 2020. He makes his way to the English Camp of McLaren after gifting two podiums to the French. Having helped Renault, the Aussie tries his luck with the English muscle. Earlier, he posted a picture of him beside one of McLaren’s beasts and he looks pretty set.

Zak Brown, the main man at McLaren looks forward to working with the Aussie. Daniel has been phenomenal in his season with Renault and Brown hopes that he would maintain and carry forward the same. Jumping into Carlos Sainz’s cockpit, the team will hope that he can strive for better heights than Sainz.

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most dedicated drivers on the grid at this point. Besides that, he has a natural talent for his art of racing, and given the correct cockpit, he can fight well to win the race. The entire crew of McLaren is confident that Ricciardo would do a splendid job at the team and he could help them challenge Mercedes and Red Bull.

The Instagram post, “First date: nervous but excited”, hinted at the pilot from Perth getting a taste of the McLaren power. With his early days at the Woking factory, he is settling in with the team and the systems. However, the first testing is not far and soon we would all get a hang of how Daniel fits in the cockpit.

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Daniel Ricciardo and Norris -Power Duo

The former Renault driver switched to the immediate rivals, McLaren. Therefore, looking ahead into the season of 2021, fans would expect a head to head battle between the two teams. Abiteboul had earlier stated that Ricciardo will have to face a far stronger Alpine next year and that is an incentive to the fans already.

However, Zak Brown appears to be extremely optimistic about the mettle of Daniel. He was once asked on a podcast that with Sebastian Vettel up for grabs, does he feel he settled for less with Daniel this year. To that, he politely replied that Vettel is a champion no doubt but in the present scenario he would have always gone for Ricciardo.

Formula One F1 – Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – Italy -Third placed Daniel Ricciardo of Renault celebrates on the podium after the race Pool via Reuters/Miguel Medina

Daniel Ricciardo lines up beside Lando Norris this season and they already make for a power duo in the grid. Both of them share a healthy relationship and we hope the Aussie can pick up from where the Spaniard left. With this power-packed team, McLaren would hope for a better approach from its pilots.

To conclude, McLaren look threatening with their partnership with Mercedes back again from 2021. Their strategies have been working well and their chassis design is also panning out properly. Considering that the team keeps working with this dedication, it will be very hard for the other mid field contenders to tackle their growth.

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