NYC can’t say how many teachers got COVID-19 vaccination



Reopening city schools will hinge largely on teacher vaccination rates — but the city has yet to say how many educators have taken the shot thus far.

United Federation of Teachers’ boss Michael Mulgrew has said that the lack of widespread inoculations for his members could delay a resumption of classroom learning.

But two weeks after he secured priority status for teachers and made the jab available to them, City Hall has yet to say how many have actually taken it.

Mulgrew relayed on January 11 that about 17,000 teachers requested the shot in the initial 24-hour period after it became available.

That was the last update offered from either City Hall or the UFT.

There are about 75,000 classroom educators in the nation’s largest school system and another 25,000 unionized staffers.

A City Hall spokesperson told The Post Monday that officials have not yet broken out vaccination rates for various workforce elements — including teachers.

Those figures are still being tabulated, she said.

Mulgrew has stressed the importance of teacher vaccinations in getting kids and staffers back into city classrooms — and said he was concerned about shortages.

“Increased availability of the vaccine is the key to fully re-opening everything, from schools to businesses,” he told The Post last week. “We’ve been through too much — as a school system and as a city — to further risk the health of our students, their families, and our staff.”

While the jab is not mandatory for city teachers, Mulgrew has encouraged his members to get it.

The UFT has prioritized access to COVID-19 vaccines for teachers who work inside city schools rather than those who toil remotely.


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