Romain Grosjean Reveals Unbandaged Hands for First Time after Bahrain F1 Crash



Just months back, the entire motorsport industry received a wake-up call from one of the highest standard racing series, Formula 1. During the Bahrain GP in 2020, Romain Grosjean suffered a horrific crash, as his car burst into flames due to the opening of the fuel pod.

At one point, it looked like Grosjean might not escape from the raging fire. However, he managed to keep himself conscious and found his way out of the car, and eventually out of the inferno.

Although he escaped the crash alive, he couldn’t get away from the accident unscathed. Both his hands suffered some ‘minor’ injuries, as the doctors chose to hide the injured hands under a layer of dressing.

Prior to the new year, his right hand was deemed safe and fully recovered, and the dressing was removed.

Unfortunately, his left hand did not receive similar positive news, considering the fact that the burns were much more severe on that hand.

However, since last week, his left hand has been getting some free air, but only for a certain period

before a new set of the sterile pad was placed over the wound.

Romain Grosjean is finally dressing-free

Finally, after a long time, Grosjean received the much-awaited news, as his doctor decided to remove the dressing hovering over his left hand. Only this time, there won’t be any replacements.

Grosjean posted an image of his left hand without the dressing, and it looked no less than painful. Although F1 quoted the injury as ‘minor,’ the wounds did look quite deep. Consequently, the image showed the severity of his injuries.

No more dressing for my left hand,” he wrote on social media.

The burns were a small price to pay for his life. Following the massive shunt during the race, he had to use his left hand to unclip himself off the cockpit. Hence, that hand was exposed to the fuel-induced fire.

Apart from his left hand, his left ankle, too, suffered some burns. The impact detached his left foot off the boots, and the fire penetrated into the ankle, leaving it with some burns.

Since then, Grosjean was pretty much focusing on the recovery, and it has been a rapid recovery from the former Haas driver.

Overall, this is definitely splendid news for the entire F1 community, who have been following the Frenchman’s health updates rather closely. Considering his speedy recovery, how soon are we going to witness Romain Grosjean back into racing?


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