Tom Brady ‘just having fun’ with failed dig at Tony Dungy


Tom Brady’s zinger at Tony Dungy came with a smile on his face.

The Buccaneers quarterback said his attempted troll of Dungy — posting a picture of the Colts’ “2014 AFC Finalist” banner in response to Dungy ranking Brady as the sixth-hardest QB to game plan against — was “all in good fun.”

“I was just having fun. I was only referring to him as the Indy head coach, not as the Bucs head coach,” Brady told reporters Wednesday. “So it was nothing personal. Coach Dungy knows I love him. I was just giving him a little grief.

“He gave me a little grief. I gave him a little grief.”

Brady’s comeback would have been even better if it was accurate. Chuck Pagano was the Colts’ coach in 2014, not Dungy, when Brady and the Patriots walloped them in the AFC Championship on the way to winning the Super Bowl.

Dungy retired in 2008, two years after beating Brady in the AFC Championship during the Colts’ 2006 Super Bowl run. Brady did get the best of Dungy in the 2003 AFC Championship and 2004 divisional round.

Tom Brady and Tony Dungy
Tom Brady and Tony Dungy
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But Brady’s tweet was also Buccaneers-on-Buccaneers crime, as Dungy coached in Tampa Bay from 1996-2001.

The 65-year-old Dungy, now an NFL analyst for NBC, said on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast that he would put quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, John Elway and Steve Young ahead of Brady because of their mobility.

“Not to say Tom wasn’t great,” Dungy said, “but that extra dimension meant something to me.”

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