Tucker Carlson claims Kamala Harris is ‘not from this country’ because she went to school in Canada



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Fox News host Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”Screenshot via Fox News

  • Tucker Carlson suggested that Kamala Harris is “not from this country” because she went to school in Canada.

  • Harris was born in Oakland, California. She moved to Canada for her middle- and high-school years.

  • Carlson has said he briefly attended a boarding school in Switzerland.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday used a portion of his primetime show to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris, claiming that she’s “not from this country” because she went to school in Canada.

“There’s a lot we don’t know about Kamala Harris. Most people probably don’t know she really grew up in Canada, it’s where she went to high school. She’s not from this country in that sense, or she’s certainly also from Canada,” Carlson said.

Carlson has raised similar questions about Harris’ background in the past — notably attacking her dating history — and has repeatedly mispronounced her name.

Carlson’s comments on Monday also add to the rumors floated about Harris’ nationality. Far-right figures, as well as then-President Donald Trump, repeated racist conspiracy theories about the vice president’s eligibility to be on the Democratic ballot last year when she became then-nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.

Harris is undoubtedly an American. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Montreal, Canada, for her middle- and high school years because her mother, a biologist and cancer researcher, got a job there. She returned to the United States for college at Howard University.

Carlson, who’s also from San Francisco, attended school outside of the country when he was growing up as well, according to an interview he gave to a Swiss magazine. The conservative commentator told the magazine he was briefly a student at a boarding school in Switzerland before he “got kicked out.”

Before Harris attended Howard University, she worked at a McDonald’s in the Bay Area for a year after graduating from her Montreal high school. She also returned to California on school breaks and over the summers, her longtime friend recently told Insider.

“I didn’t notice any major change,” Stacey Johnson-Batiste, Harris’ friend, said in an interview with Insider about her book on growing up with the future VP. “She just seemed happy to be home and excited about going off to college. So I just think that it helped broaden her perspective.”

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