UK bodybuilder says Alexa saved his life after tumble down stairs



A British bodybuilder says he owes his life to Alexa after he fell down his stairs and crushed his legs when he got up at night to walk his dog, according to a report.

Dante McNulty, 40, of Fordham, Cambridgeshire, slipped down the curved staircase “like an avalanche” and passed out in a kneeling position for six hours, Kennedy News reported.

The veins in the 230-pound man’s legs burst due to the enormous pressure, which blocked the blood flow and caused a life-threatening condition known as acute compartment syndrome, according to the outlet.

After regaining consciousness, the telecom engineer said he couldn’t feel his legs and was only able to shout to the Amazon device to call a friend, who alerted rescuers.

“On the way to surgery they wanted me to sign this disclaimer saying they had my permission to amputate my legs if need be, so I was worried,” McNulty said.

“They explained to me that I had severe compartment syndrome on my legs and that if they didn’t relieve the pressure soon that my legs could be lost,” he said.

Surgeons at West Suffolk Hospital sliced open his legs and cut out the muscles– leaving them “hanging” for three days to relieve the swelling.

“The muscle was taken off the bone and was just left hanging there to make sure all pressure could get out and the blood flow could continue again,” he said.

The veins in Dante McNulty’s legs burst after passing out in a kneeling position for six hours.
Kennedy News and Media

He was placed into an induced coma to give his body time to heal and put on dialysis due to kidney failure, but suffered sepsis due to a potassium build-up in his bloodstream, Kennedy News reported.

During the grueling month in the hospital, McNulty had metal mesh inserts put in his legs and received skin grafts.

The self-professed “gym freak” said he got up around midnight to let his 5-year-old dalmatian Mango out.

“The top of my stairs curve. I think I stood on the thinner part of the step by accident, my heel pushed down onto the next step and I just slid down like an avalanche,” he said.

“I must have passed out and six hours later I came round and was leaning back on my legs, a bit like when a footballer gets a goal and they skid across the grass on their knees, but lying back,” McNulty continued.

“My bodyweight had compressed the blood flow from my knees downwards. I just remember I couldn’t feel my legs. I couldn’t walk or move, I felt paralyzed. Below my knees was cold, they didn’t seem swollen but I had a lot of veins pop just under my kneecap,” he said.

“I didn’t have my phone with me so I shouted to my Alexa, which is linked to my phone, to call my friend who came round and dialed 999. Technology is so advanced and so clever,” McNulty continued.

“I would have been lying there for hours if it wasn’t for Alexa, I don’t know how I would have summoned up help,” he said. “My Alexa saved my life, though I do have to give some credit to my friend and the surgeons.”

“It really is unbelievable, thank God my WiFi was working that day,” said McNulty, who is still in a wheelchair but is undergoing physical therapy and hopes to be able to walk again one day.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We’re thankful to hear that Dante is okay, and grateful that Alexa was able to help him call his friend when he needed it most.”


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