WATCH: Keith Lee Destroys the Turnbuckles Using John Morrison’s Skull on WWE Raw



WWE matches can often take a sharp turn towards brutal, but sometimes the brutality crosses the realms of imagination. This is exactly what happened with Keith Lee and John Morrison.

On the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw: January 11, 2021, ‘The Limitless One’ broke the ring ropes using John Morrison’s skull. He took a running start before shoving Morrison into the ring’s pillar and breaking the ropes. Everybody who witnessed this was shocked after the turnbuckles exploded.

Even though Morrison continued to fight till the end, he might need to assess the impact of that vicious sequence.

Keith Lee and Sheamus teamed up to take on The Miz and John Morrison for a tag team match on Monday Night Raw. Lee and Sheamus worked together like a well-oiled machine to establish their dominance in the ring.

What is the current status of Keith Lee in WWE?

Keith Lee might be one of the strongest Superstars on WWE’s roster at the moment. However, the company has tried to change his gimmick, something that has rubbed his fans the long way.

An example would be when he shifted from NXT to Raw, the company changed his music and attire. Fan comments poured in, complaining about the change; unfortunately, there was nothing Lee could do about this except a light protest.

Keeping the recent gimmick change aside, Vince McMahon was upset with Lee’s in-ring work along with some other big guys on the WWE roster. As a result, he handpicked the behemoth as one of the Superstars who would return to the Performance Center for additional training.

This action forced his fans to question whether The Chairman watches NXT at all. Lee successfully dominated the brand before WWE moved him to the main roster. There was no specific reason for McMahon to assign Lee for additional training except to “take him down a few pegs”.

Do you think Keith Lee requires additional training or is this an over-reaction? Let us know in the comments below.


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