What killed ‘big frigging snake’ in Indiana? The answer may be stuck in its throat


Big snakes have even bigger appetites, but one large, swimming serpent in Indiana was recently found dead with a “huge” fish lodged in its throat, photos show.

Amber Conley and Brad Walton were fueling up at Brookville Lake, about 76 miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis, when they spotted the snake, Conley said in a May 22 Facebook post.

The snake’s size alone was enough to catch their attention. But more interesting was the fish found partially eaten in its jaws, a reminder that nature isn’t always pretty, and also an apparent answer to the question of what killed the snake.

“While fueling up today, we came across a dead snake that had choked on a huge fish,” Conley said.

While snakes are well known for swallowing whole animals larger than themselves, sometimes over the course of hours, they occasionally underestimate the size and strength of prey. The consequences can be fatal and outright grotesque.

The fish “is so huge,” Conley said in a comment. “Could lose a foot to that thing!”

Still, some commenters on Conley’s post expressed doubt that a snake so large could die from eating the fish pictured, even suggesting the photo could be faked or photoshopped.

But Conley responded, saying the snake and fish were exactly as they were found.

Most were fascinated, or just disturbed, by Conley and Walton’s discovery.

“Big frigging snake,” one comment said.

“Welp swimming is canceled forever,” said another.

One commenter vowed not to let their fear of snakes ruin their summer plans: “I hate this but I’m still rope-swinging into that lake all summer long.”