“You’re the One That Needs a Lesson in Respect” – Drew Mcintyre Gives Goldberg His Answer on WWE Raw



Bill Goldberg‘s challenge to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took the WWE Universe by storm as they contemplated the consequences of this battle of the generations.

‘The Scottish Psychopath’ has finally responded to the challenge.

“I didn’t want to accept your challenge, you’re twenty years older than me. I didn’t want to accept your challenge. You challenging me, that’s like you challenging yourself in your prime. Would you honestly want to fight yourself in your prime?”

Goldberg was a beast during his prime. A number of veteran Superstars who worked with him during his heyday have claimed that he did not have any boundaries inside the ring.

Why did Drew McIntyre accept the challenge?

McIntyre could have let go of the challenge considering Goldberg might not be able to handle the brutality inside the ring, but he had to accept.

“My opinion changed when you put your hands on me. Seems like you’re the one that needs a lesson in respect Bill, if that’s what you want. You can try to get it at the Royal Rumble, cause Goldberg, I accept your challenge.”

Goldberg vs Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble 2021

According to speculation, WWE might book Goldberg against Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble 2021 because of lack of suitable Superstars on the roster.

AJ Styles is one Superstar who has been going after the WWE Championship for a while now. He lost the opportunity to secure the win at WWE TLC 2020. He might get another shot at the title at WrestleMania if he can win the 30-man match at Royal Rumble.

Even if ‘The Phenomenal One’ is kept aside, WWE Raw roster has other Superstars who deserve the push towards the top by being placed against Drew McIntyre. In that situation, it becomes problematic for McMahon and co. to book a part-timer like Goldberg in the main-event spot. While fans don’t mind the good old touch of nostalgia once in a while, they don’t want that to hog the spotlight.


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